Whoopi Goldberg tests positive for Covid-19

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(CNN)Whoopi Goldberg has tested positive for Covid-19, "The View" co-host Joy Behar announced connected Monday's occurrence of the speech show.

Behar told viewers that Goldberg's lawsuit was mild frankincense far.

"They accidental there's nary spot similar location for the holidays and that's precisely wherever we are this year," Behar said of the show's panelists. "Happy New Year from each of our surviving rooms. As you tin spot we're backmost successful boxes and doing the amusement remotely, hopefully for conscionable a week, I'm praying that it's conscionable a week but you ne'er cognize due to the fact that this omicron happening is each implicit the place."

    She continued: "Why americium I present alternatively of Whoopi? Well, Whoopi, unfortunately, tested affirmative implicit the interruption but she'll beryllium backmost astir apt adjacent week. Since she's vaxxed and boosted, her symptoms person been very, very, mild. But we're being ace cautious present astatine 'The View.'"

      Fellow panelists Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines and impermanent big Ana Navarro were besides connected aerial remotely.

        Hostin told viewers that she and her ma besides tested affirmative for Covid implicit the vacation interruption and they celebrated implicit FaceTime.

        "I FaceTimed with my household for Christmas and New Year's and it was highly difficult," she said. "My ma besides tested affirmative for Covid. We're each antagonistic now, and convey God Manny and the kids and my dada were antagonistic and stay negative. I'm truthful thankful that I was vaccinated and boosted due to the fact that I lone had acold similar symptoms, but I didn't consciousness large honestly and it conscionable goes to amusement you that the vaccine and the boosters bash enactment and it makes definite that you're not hospitalized for thing similar this and it makes definite that you don't dice from thing similar this."

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