Sheriff Dart criticizes judges for putting violent offenders on electronic monitoring

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Posted: Jan 10, 2022 / 10:05 PM CST / Updated: Jan 10, 2022 / 10:05 PM CST

CHICAGO — As Chicago leaders proceed to knock judges letting offenders retired connected physics monitoring, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart discussed the programme Monday nighttime successful a virtual forum.

The physics monitoring programme was implemented backmost successful the 1980s arsenic a mode to woody with overcrowding astatine the Cook County Jail.

Mayor Lightfoot made immoderate bold statements past week astir the programme — pointing a digit astatine judges.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said helium ne'er wanted judges to usage it for those charged with convulsive offenses.

“I’ve consistently said location monitoring is not a programme for radical charged with convulsive offenses,” Dart said.

Cook County has astir 2,600 radical connected physics monitoring — which is the largest successful the country. The fig accrued dramatically successful the past fewer years owed to jailhouse betterment and COVID-19 precautions.

“When we archetypal started getting the much superior offenders,” Dart said. “There were conscionable a fistful of them and I virtually did retired a car successful beforehand of those houses.”

But erstwhile that fig got excessively high, the sheriff said helium didn’t person the resources. Dart said much than 75% of the radical connected physics monitoring are convulsive offnders.

“The biggest categories that we have, which has wholly flipped from what it utilized to be, are weapon offenses — they correspond conscionable nether 50%,” Dart said.

Numbers from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office amusement the following.

  • 90 radical charged with execution are escaped connected E.M.
  • 40 radical charged with attempted execution are escaped connected E.M.
  • 852 radical charged with aggravated weapon possession are escaped connected E.M.

“Do you consciousness safer knowing these numbers? I don’t deliberation immoderate sane idiosyncratic does,” Mayor Lightfoot said.

Sheriff Dart said their information doesn’t amusement the offenders recommitting crimes, but Mayor Lightfoot said it inactive sends the incorrect message.

“They’re close backmost connected the thoroughfare walking large arsenic time arsenic if determination is zero accountability,” Lightfoot said. “That’s what’s contributing to the level brazenness that we’re seeing connected our street.”

There is simply a 2nd physics monitoring programme successful Cook County that is ran done the main judge’s office. It’s chartless however galore radical are connected it.

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