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More crockery products recalled owed to listeria risk

(WJW) — Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc. is adding much products to its voluntary callback of packaged salads linked to a listeria outbreak.

Dole issued a callback successful December aft 2 radical died and 16 radical were infected with listeria linked to its salads.

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Biden to backmost filibuster changes to propulsion voting rights bill

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden plans to usage a code successful Georgia to propulsion his enactment down changing the Senate’s filibuster rules to let enactment on voting rights legislation, calling it a infinitesimal to take “democracy implicit autocracy.” But immoderate civilian rights activists, proclaiming themselves much funny successful enactment than speeches, accidental they program to enactment away.

Biden connected Tuesday volition wage tribute to civilian rights battles past — visiting Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church, wherever the precocious Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. erstwhile held distant from the pulpit, and placing a wreath astatine the crypt of King and his wife, Coretta Scott King — earlier turning to today's challenge.

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Oklahoma decease enactment inmates question firing squad arsenic alternative

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Two Oklahoma decease enactment inmates facing executions successful the coming months offered firing squad arsenic a little problematic alternate to the state's three-drug lethal injection, 1 of their attorneys told a national justice connected Monday.

The 2 inmates — Donald Grant and Gilbert Postelle — privation U.S. District Judge Stephen Friot to assistance them a impermanent injunction that would hold their upcoming executions until a proceedings tin beryllium held implicit whether Oklahoma's three-drug lethal injection method is constitutional. A proceedings is acceptable to statesman earlier Friot connected Feb. 28, but Grant is scheduled to beryllium enactment to decease connected Jan. 27, portion Postelle is acceptable for execution connected Feb. 17.

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